Indian Canyon Project

Working Together

IDEA has established a strategic alliance with the Costanoan Indian Research Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization. The first step in the development of the IDEA Eco-Lab-Villages is to create its headquarters at Indian Canyon (or visit the Indian Canyon Facebook page) in the Hollister Hills of Northern California. These headquarters would employ the MicroWeight Structure building technology for living and working space that will be eventually used throughout a fully developed IDEA ecovillage.

Creating a Bright Future

The IDEA headquarters will be the planning and operational center to develop the first IDEA ecovillage on Native American land where their ancestors lived in harmony with nature. Only this time, it will be done with 21st century technologies.

Leading the Way

Most of the world's population live and work in 100 year old infrastructures that confront the natural environment with destructive systems that pollute our air, water and land. The IDEA Eco-Lab-Villages will change the way we obtain and use our water, process our waste both human and other, build our living and working structures, grow our food, confront illness, create energy, and transport ourselves and our goods.

Compared to many other peoples around the world, American Indian Nations enjoy a unique sovereignty from local and state authorities who might otherwise encumber the development of new systems and infrastructures of how people live and work. Leveraging that sovereignty, IDEA will position Native Americans to lead the world with a new kind of Eco-Lab-Village infrastructure.

Please Join Us!

We are now seeking donations and volunteers for IDEA so please become a supporter and contact us for further details.