Eight Sustainable Sectors for 21st Century IDEA Eco-Lab-Villages

sustainable sectors graph Energy sustainale sector
Agriculture sustainable sector
Communications sustainable sector

Waste management and recycling sustainable sector
Construction sustainable sector
Water sustainable sector
Transportation sustainable sector
Preventive medicine sustainable sector

Jobs for All

There are 8 sustainable, prosperity sectors (Energy, Water, Transportation, Preventive Medicine, Construction, Waste Management, Communications, Agriculture) for IDEA's 21st Century Eco-Lab-Village infrastructure that are job creators by meeting the demands of its inhabitants and workers.

Spreading Prosperity

Prosperity can also come by meeting the demands of other Eco-Lab-Villages that wish to replicate the IDEA system or have needs for the expertise, products, technology and services that originate from IDEA ecovillages. As other domestic and global regions with water and land replicate the IDEA system more jobs and prosperity will be created for all who choose to live with IDEA.