Nutrient pollution is one of America's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems. Excessive nitrogen and phosphorus in water and in the air can cause health problems in people, fish and animals, and damage our forests, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. – see EPA reference page.

Spirity has been developed by TEOS to solve this major problem in a way that will increase farm production, produce a superior byproduct while cutting costs and eliminating pungent odors and flies. Using a century old technology that produces a mineral rich compost, farming can, once again, be harmonious and even a profitable venture. When the Spirity system is used in place of chemical fertilizers, the result is EasyEarth compost and when applied will restore land, water and air by eliminating pollutants, thus resulting in a farm with no toxic run-off problems.

This method is called 'Full Circle Farming', a time-tested technique where farmers use non-toxic waste from their farm animals to replenish their land without polluting water or air, resulting in abundant and nutrient dense crops. Today, most traditional farming operations have animal waste that is inherently toxic causing many downstream problems for animals as well as for humans.

When non-chlorinated water is diluted with Spirity and used in farm animal operations, it creates a Spirity composting pathway in which the expected putrefaction cycle for waste is replaced with decomposition by hydrolysis. Hydrolysis retains nutrients without having to go through the ammonia/nitrate/nitrite cycle and therefore readily contributes the original nutrients back into composted fertilizer and back to the land. Without these decomposing odoriferous (polluting) elements at the dairy, hog or chicken farm the water runoff is not toxic to downstream fresh or sea waterways from the dairies of Wisconsin to the hog farms of China. Additionally, EasyEarth left over after dressing a farmer's fields can be sold as a new source of income.

The IDEA Eco-Lab-Village will utilize a 'micro terrain ecology' system with its water source treated with Spirity and provided to dairy cows in their water source and general environment where EasyEarth fertilizer will be generated. Also, EasyEarth can be used as an additive to help compost toxic human waste with the same non-toxic results, thus, the full cycle of sustainability is achieved in the IDEAEco-Lab-Village.

Current waste-recycling technologies with the addition of Spirity will establish a healthy recycling system for animal and human waste that is free of pollutants and poisons resulting in a sustainable and healthy 'micro-terrain ecology'.

The following are highlights of EasyEarth with Spirity:

  • Water integrity - maintains clean water and organizes water
  • All water with which it comes in contact restructures to it
  • Food production - crop irrigation - increases yields from crops and animals
  • Animal manure - treated with Spirity becomes odorless, organic manure for composting
  • Soil creation and vitality - increases humus volume in soil that retains and saves water usage
  • Sanitation - human waste composted with EasyEarth eliminates the toxicity of composted human waste
  • Resource stream use and conservation - animal and human waste is no longer a pollutant and wasted farming byproduct
  • Downstream effects - no polluting effluent will occur using EasyEarth and it's 'micro-terrain ecology' system

IDEA Eco-Lab-Village longevity is assured since the system is continuously renewed with the Spirity culture.

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